NPI Process

Silex’s New Product Introduction Process: Taking MEMS to Market, Faster™

To help the world’s most innovative companies take their MEMS to market faster, Silex has devised a New Product Introduction (NPI) Process that provides a predictable, reliable and data driven path to high yielding volume production.

Silex’s NPI Process consists of several phases and tollgates which assist in project tracking and assuring the alignment of customer goals and expectations with Silex processes:

  • Prospect Phase – Customer signoff and program kickoff
  • Concept Phase – Concept phase signoff and release of program to prototyping phase
  • Prototyping Phase – Completion of prototyping phase and process freeze
  • Pilot Production Phase – Completion of pilot production phase and release to high volume ramp
  • Production Phase – Ongoing volume production support and yield improvement by Silex

The NPI Process encompasses all activities from early customer engagement through to volume production and on-time deliveries by our Manufacturing organization.

NPI Process Customer Engagement & Major Toll Gate Milestones

NPI Process Customer Engagement & Major Toll Gate Milestones

To learn more about the Silex NPI process, contact us to have an experienced account executive arrange a first meeting.